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Learning Formats

Everyone is different. Meta Excellence™ is taught in a variety of learning formats, customized to the unique needs of each client.

Meta-X Coaching

Meta-X Coaching offers periodic, regular access to a Meta-X coach to work through the challenges of employing new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in the real world.

People in our programs find that they must stretch themselves into new, and sometimes uncomfortable ways while exploring “outside of the box”, in order to develop new capabilities for their intended outcomes. The Meta-X coach is the personal guide through this process. Meta-X coaching is supported with Meta-Templates

Meta- Templates

provide a framework rooted in evidence-based successful practices that are customized to your specific situation. Equipped with these tools, you will be able to replicate your process in similar scenarios, diverting planning resources to high-return efforts. Such tools provide descriptive detail to facilitate even novice completion of tasks and to increase efficiency when revisiting tasks.

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Unexpected events often require additional support. This premium service is available


Based on need, some individuals may benefit from regular training to develop and enhance ongoing performance. Timelines are mutually agreed upon throughout the consultation process.

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Information Consultation

Receive professional support in MetaCommunication techniques to:

  • Nail that upcoming presentation

  • Get your point across with crisp and clear documents

  • Save time in meetings with efficient correspondence techniques.

  • Get more from your social media posts

  • Learn how to effectively communicate in relationships, both personal and professional.

  • Master negotiations through effective arguments.

  • Combine nonverbal techniques with language targeting all of the senses.

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