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About Meta-X

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About Meta-X

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Meta Excellence™ is a multidimensional program rooted in the four Meta-Tools for success: thinking, feeling, doing, and being. The term “Meta” emphasizes the importance of the journey.


When practicing Meta Excellence™, I optimize my thinking efficiency, understand and respond to emotions, harmonize my actions with my Entangled Self, and align my thoughts, feelings, and actions with my whole being.

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A suitable metaphor for Meta-Cognition is to imagine a leader within the human mind whose role is to plan, monitor, troubleshoot, store, and evaluate the thoughts of a person. This executive is equipped with an understanding of personal ability-levels as well as available strategies and knowledge.


Also known as 'thinking about thinking', Meta-Cognition is a process that can increase the effectiveness of problem-solving, creativity, and cognitive performance. Once learned, this process can be transferred into virtually every dimension of life, including the professional, personal, and even recreational level.


Meta-Emotion is like a guide whose role it is to understand and regulate emotions. This emotional attendant identifies and interprets emotions of the self and others, and is aware of strategies for regulating emotions.


Similar to Meta-Cognition, Meta-Emotion is “feeling about feeling”. It facilitates leadership by effectively strategizing and planning interactions. Relationships are monitored through the use of empathy. Conflicts are regulated collaboratively. Finally, communication strategies and techniques manage the flow of information. Upon identifying and interpreting feelings, Meta-Emotion restores a person to their centre. These processes are transferable into all social contexts at the individual, group, organizational, and societal levels.

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Innovations in neuroscience reveal that emotions and thoughts are inseparable within the brain. Recent research shows that Meta-Cognition and Meta-Emotion work together as complementary processes. Related to these concepts, Meta-Wellness is the application of Meta-Cognition and Meta-Emotion to enhance our wellbeing.


Traditional views of personal needs treat them as a hierarchy, developed in a particular order from physiological, safety, and love needs, to esteem, self-actualization, and transcendent needs. Modern science shows that all needs are important, with each need affecting the other. Expanding on recent scientific research, the Meta-Wellness Model features an ‘Entangled Self’ with five equally supported ‘Selves’: Meta-Physical, Meta-Responsive, Meta-Passionate, Meta-Relational, and Meta-Core.


Regardless of background, tradition, or origin, character can be defined as the set of universal virtues or positive traits. Researchers have measured and defined these traits, but Meta-Character extends beyond the research by aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with virtues to fully optimize performance and versatility. There are eight complementary virtues which make up Meta-Character: wisdom and courage, temperance and compassion, justice and transcendence, and fluency and harmony.

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Meet the Team


Justin Teeuwen

Ph.D., B.Ed, M.Sc., BS.

Justin Teeuwen is an international motivational speaker, author, business coach, and performance coach. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Cognition and Learning in 2019. Previously, he completed a Master of Science Degree in Physics in 2010 and a Bachelor of Education Degree in 2012. Justin has taught in England, Tanzania, China, Canada, and the United States at every level of education including colleges and universities worldwide. 


Justin has been researching, developing, and practicing as a performance coach and motivational speaker for more than 15 years. Studying from experts in the field, he created a simple, easy-to-follow process focused on transforming passions into reality. Justin has delivered motivational seminars to over 5 000 people, including such notable clients as the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, the University of Guelph, and Turn Key Realty.


Applying cutting-edge research to the field of motivational and performance enhancement, Justin is one of the founders of the Meta-Excellence program. Combining the four Meta-Tools, the Meta-Excellence program enhances performance in thinking, feeling, doing, and being.

Creating a trusting space 

Here at Meta Excellence™, your privacy is one of our highest priorities. Depending on the program in which you enroll, we will be discussing various elements of your life including your core values and beliefs, professional, personal, relationship and financial dimensions of your life. Unless required by law due to potential harm to any person, all information collected by any member of our team is done so with absolute privacy. Your information will not be sold nor distributed to any other party without your express permission.

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