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Thinking. Feeling. Doing. Being.

The Meta-X program combines expertise from science, art, leadership, and training in a manner that is transferable across all disciplines.

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Start Goal-Setting

As technology and society grow, life keeps getting faster and more complicated. With competing demands for your attention and focus, it’s easy to get stuck wasting more energy and resources on activities with low results.


Through the Meta-X program, we help you recognize your most rewarding actions and build them into habits.

Meta-X will help you leverage your thoughts, feelings, wellness, and character to go beyond your goals and level up your performance.

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Tailored Services & Programs

Individuals can enroll based on outcomes, desired availability, depth of understanding & interest.

Multiple Learning Formats





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En-Suite Wellness (Coming Soon!)



Access Bars®

... and more!


Programs to Build Harmony

Meta-Goal Setting





Choose Your Journey

Feeling adventurous? Wander the Meta-X catelogue.

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The Meta Excellence™ one-on-one coaching has been my sounding board for all important decisions. I’ve applied the principles to effectively transition from milestone to milestone... I strongly recommend Meta Excellence™ to any business owner that plans to expand or pivot their business.

~ Tosin Bello, CEO of TurnKey Realty

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